Professional project managers are in significant demand in the United Kingdom and internationally;

The Programme Leader together with a team of multi-disciplinary academics have designed this course with the needs of modern professional project managers in mind. This postgraduate degree course will enable you to explore project management in a wide range of contexts including long-run public sector infrastructure projects and short-to-medium term projects in private sector businesses, public sector organisations and third sector (not-for-profit) organisations.

The course focuses on practical advanced concepts, processes and techniques required to manage projects within today’s complex and constantly changing knowledge and innovation-driven business environment. The course content is balanced, with critical modules on research, leadership, law, innovation, change management and an understanding of the global project management environment. This applied, practical emphasis rather than an overtly academic or theoretical approach is pivotal because the project management function is required to deliver hard, measurable, results. Thus the course emphasises the synthesis of the practical and the theoretical and students will be required to identify, evaluate, develop and practice key project management skills.

Course Content

In the course, you will study below mentioned the modules however the modules may vary according to universities.

  • Project Risk Management
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Project Management
  • Principles of Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Leading Projects
  • Applied Project Management Solutions
  • Strategy in the Public and Private Sectors
  • Research Methods and Ethics
  • Business Improvement and Change
  • Postgraduate Major Project


In today’s competitive jobs market, graduates need to stand out from the crowd to successfully secure that all important first full-time job after university. We believe your postgraduate degree will significantly enhance your employability:

Your lecturers all have first-hand experience of project management and some continue to work in the sector. You are therefore assured that the content of your degree will be directly relevant to the demanding, constantly evolving world of contemporary project management practice. Furthermore, you will study project management from a practical as well as from an academic perspective.
During your studies, there will be an opportunity to participate in the Employability Scheme with the specific objective of enhancing your future employment prospects. This includes CV workshops, interview techniques, career counselling and visits from prospective employers.

Partner University

Anglia Ruskin University 
Northumbria University 

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