Thinking about going to university or considering making a career change? Do you want to return to education in an adult environment?

We at GCRD understand that life can get in the way. Adult learners often face various challenges when considering studying at any learning level including, amongst others, the potential impact on family, work and finances.  We also appreciate that you all have a unique set of expectations relating to the environment, culture and final outcome of your learning journey.

GCRD works with various universities and offers varieties of educational programs in different areas such as Business Management, IT, Health & Social Care, Marketing, Event Management etc.
We try our best to provide multiple options to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which help applicants to find better work opportunities and build their professional career.
GCRD operates in a friendly and professional manner. Our partner universities are located in and around London, Birmingham and Machester,  the courses start in January/Feb, May/June and September/October.


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