This degree serves as a solid foundation for entering diverse realms within the field of education. It provides a comprehensive understanding of educational theories and concepts, encouraging you to view education as both a political and philosophical undertaking.

Your learning experience will be guided by seasoned lecturers with backgrounds as former teachers or school managers. They will actively engage you in ongoing discussions surrounding child education, drawing perspectives from various disciplines, including philosophy and sociology. Moreover, these instructors are well-positioned to offer valuable insights into potential teaching careers and the myriad opportunities available to you post-graduation.

Upon completing the Education BA program, you become part of a community comprising professional and seasoned educators. This community is dedicated to supporting your personal and professional growth.

Entry requirements

In addition to the University's standard entry requirements, you should have:

a minimum of grades BBC in three A levels (or a minimum of 112 UCAS points from an equivalent Level 3 qualification)
English Language GCSE at grade C/4 or above (or equivalent)
An enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check is required for any school placement in year 2/3.

Year 1 modules include:
  • Becoming an Educationist: Reading, Writing and Enquiry (core, 30 credits)
  • Knowledge, Culture and Education (core, 30 credits)
  • Making Sense of Education (core, 30 credits)
  • The School and the City (core, 30 credits)
Year 2 modules include:
  • Education: Experiential Learning (core, 15 credits)
  • Psychology of Learning (core, 30 credits)
  • Researching Education (core, 30 credits)
  • Sociology and the Curriculum (core, 30 credits)
  • Becoming a Teacher (option, 15 credits)
Year 3 modules include:
  • Education Studies Dissertation (core, 30 credits)
  • Educators as Social Pedagogues (alternative core, 30 credits)
  • Inclusion, Education and Equalities (alternative core, 30 credits)
  • Philosophy of Education (alternative core, 30 credits)
  • Gender and Education (option, 15 credits)
  • Sport, Education and Society (option, 15 credits)
Career Pathway

The employability prospects for students studying BA (Hons) Education in the United Kingdom are promising and diverse. Here are some key points highlighting the employability of such graduates:

  • Teaching Career: A BA (Hons) Education degree is a common pathway for individuals aspiring to become educators. Graduates are well-prepared for roles in teaching at various levels, from primary to secondary education.
  • Specialized Roles: Beyond traditional teaching, graduates can explore specialized roles within the education sector, such as educational consultants, curriculum developers, or learning support specialists.
  • Educational Leadership: The program equips students with leadership skills, making them eligible for roles in educational management and leadership positions, including school administration or departmental leadership.
  • Policy and Advocacy: Understanding education from political and philosophical perspectives prepares graduates for roles in educational policy-making, advocacy, and research. They can contribute to shaping educational policies at various levels.
  • Further Studies: The BA (Hons) Education degree serves as a solid foundation for postgraduate studies, enabling graduates to pursue advanced degrees in education, psychology, sociology, or related fields.
  • Community and Social Services: Graduates can find opportunities in community organizations, NGOs, and social services, utilizing their educational expertise to support community development, youth programs, or adult education initiatives.
  • Training and Development: Beyond traditional classroom settings, graduates can work in corporate training and development, designing and delivering educational programs for employees.
  • Global Opportunities: The global recognition of UK qualifications opens doors for international opportunities in teaching, training, or educational consulting on a global scale.
  • Entrepreneurship: Graduates may choose to start their own educational enterprises, offering tutoring services, educational consulting, or developing educational materials and resources.
  • Lifelong Learning: With a deep understanding of education theories and concepts, graduates are well-positioned for a commitment to lifelong learning, continuously updating their skills and knowledge.

Overall, a BA (Hons) Education degree from the UK provides graduates with a versatile skill set, preparing them for a range of fulfilling careers in education and related fields. The combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking acquired during the program enhances their employability across diverse sectors.



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