Apprenticeship Training Agency

GCRD’s Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) makes it easy for employers to take on an apprentice. We employ the apprentice on your behalf, taking on all of the HR and performance management responsibilities, so you can benefit from productive new talent in your team without risk or additional administration.

The ATA model supports the delivery of high quality apprenticeships for employers who feel they are unable to employ an apprentice directly. This could be because the employer is uncertain of the value of apprenticeships, is not able to commit to employment for the period of the full period or has short term restrictions on employee numbers.

To overcome these barriers, we employ the apprentice on your behalf, working with you to understand your requirements, agree the apprentice’s role and select the most appropriate route for the apprentice to follow.

Comprehensive support at every step

The ATA is open to all employers, independent and voluntary sectors. The host employer pays the ATA a fee for the apprentice’s services which includes the apprentice’s wage and the ATA management fee. As part of the ATA service, we will:

  • Help you identify where an apprentice would bring the most value to your organisation
  • Shortlist and interview the best applicants for your job role
  • Help you access funding to cover, or contribute to, training costs.
  • Identity the best local training provision
  • Provide all HR services for the apprentice and deal with any performance management issues that may arise
  • Closely monitor the apprentice’s journey to check that proper progression is being made
  • Provide a single point of contact for all parties throughout the term of the apprenticeship
  • If circumstances change and you are unable to retain the apprentice, we will do all we can to find alternative employment for the apprentice so they can continue with their apprenticeship.

The Benefits of taking on an apprentice

Organisations of all sizes benefit from apprenticeships. Studies by the British Chambers of Commerce and the Centre for Economic and Business Research found apprentice employers reporting the following benefits:

  • Greater productivity - 81% of apprentice employers say they make their businesses more productive. The average apprenticeship completer increases business productivity by £214 per week
  • Increased employee satisfaction - 88% of apprentice employers believe they lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce, leading to greater loyalty and quality
  • Attractive to customers - 81% of consumers favour companies that employ apprentices
  • Reduced staff turnover - 80% of employers feel that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover
  • Lower recruitment costs - 75% of apprentice employers say the programme has helped cut recruitment costs. 80% say that apprenticeships will play a bigger part in their future recruitment policy
  • Building skills - 82% of employers take on apprentices to build the skills capacity within their businesses
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